Microsoft Invests $25M In AI To Serve Those With Disabilities

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May 5, 2018
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Microsoft's AI for Accessibility program is designed to improve the lives of those with disabilities. This is Microsoft's five years long project and it announces investment of $25M for this Accessibility Program.

Microsoft's CEO, Satya Nedella has already stated in his recent book that making technology available for those with disabilities is very personal for him. That's why the company has launched many such projects and now five-year long working on Accessibility Program. They have developed tools that will help people with disabilities and mental health conditions to do more and learn more.

How this program will help people with disability?

The whole program is crucial for Microsoft and it has already pledged $25M on this project. The five-year AI for Accessibility Project will require a team and support of developers, universities, nongovernmental organizations, and others making AI-fueled solutions that serve those with disabilities.

The project is vast just like a building with many bricks in it. Here are some examples on how this project can help? Seeing AI is an App that uses computer vision to help blind people interpret the world around them. Also tools are available that helps kids with disabilities to learn how to read.

Here is the video of Microsoft Developer, Saqib Shaikh who can see using Artificial Intelligence Headset.
He lost his eyesight when he was seven.

Video Source : Science Today

How the whole team is working & what are the goals?

The Microsoft AI for Accessibility program will be run by Microsoft’s accessibility team and chief accessibility officer, Jenny Lay-Flurrie, who will make tools for developers and assist those interested in making AI accessible to everyone. The team is taking it as a biggest challenge in front of society and some technology is needed to unlock solutions.

AI for Accessibility will focus on AI-powered solutions in three primary areas: work, life, and human connections for people with disabilities.

Building on [the program’s] success over the past three years with developers and engineers across Microsoft, their expanded mission is to provide a new level of tools and support for developers and around the world

Brad Smith

Watch Microsoft's video to get complete insight of this project

Video Source : Microsoft : Youtube

For sure, this project will change many faces to smiling faces. AI is still helping people with disabilities but Microsoft's motive to make it available for almost everyone is worth appreciating.

This is not Microsoft's first initiative to democratize AI. Last year a project named 'AI for Earth' was launched and the company has committed $50M for this five-year plan project. This project is being designed to reduce climate change & increase crop yields.

If you have any opinion about this project, write down in comments.

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