Specialists Opting The Method Of Training Robots With Errors & Trials Just Like Dogs

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March 31, 2018
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May 5, 2018
These days craze towards Artificial Intelligence and Robots is just increasing among youth. On the other hand experts have spent their life in providing something amazing all the times. Nothing new! Right. But with every second something new is happening in the world of Artificial Intelligence.

Robots are in high demand among Online Retailers like Amazon. Also Facebook & Google is continuously performing number of trials to manage most of the things with help of robots. So yes, responsibility is now on the shoulders of experts to design these robots in a way that they should be coded so that they can be trained and can fit their position in a job they are taught to handle.

How AI is helping small & big enterprises?

Artificial intelligence has really now lessen the burden for small and big enterprises, especially for those who are working online. Chat Bots are now not only available for Google, Amazon & Facebook but small enterprises can also use these chat bots to handle their customers.

Impact of AI & Robots in many countries is so on heights that in 2015 a hotel in Japan, named Henn'na Hotel was in news. It was getting worldwide attention for the use of robots as its staff.

Video Source : CBS Evening News

How robots are being trained?

A few days later a small army of Sawyers Robots drop fake apples into plastic bowls. Now again to approach robotic learning an older model of Robot, which was once a personal robot and now not so popular is selected for training.

A few days after watching a small army of Sawyer robots drop fake apples into plastic bowls, we’re back at UC Berkeley’s Sutardja Dai Hall to witness another approach to robotic learning. This time out, it’s an older model — PR2, the once ubiquitous personal robot from the now-defunct Willow Garage.

Pieter Abbeel

The UCD Team has selected robot BRETT. The robot is designed to learn. Just like Sawyer robots, BRETT is programmed to learn by doing — and correcting its own mistakes. Robots are put in a situation which is impractical according to their programming and they have to learn with their own experiences.

In a demo, BRETT is asked to perform a preschool puzzle, placing a block through a hole in wooden box. The robot’s first several attempts are clumsy, missing the box entirely. Through trial and error, however, the robot gets closer, finally accomplishing the task.

“It’s like the way a dog is trained,” says Abbeel. “You say ‘good dog’ or ‘bad dog.’

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