Why The Popularity Of Alexa Continues To Grow Among Customers?

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May 3, 2018
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Alexa skills are now not only getting popular among adults but has also become a medium for students to interact & learn. Amazingly, Alexa plays ambient sounds, relaxation sounds and even helps in finding cell phones.

The popularity of Alexa continues to grow among customers as it provides direct interface with computers and work as a perfect assistant. Alexa has ability to take care of your children and pets even if you are not at home by commanding the one on duty. People take advantage of this successful model and Alexa also collects rating for her skills.

Know about Alexa

Alexa is becoming favorite of everyone as it delivers information, assists your home in your absence and a perfect follower.

But what makes Alexa special?
There are over 30,000 Alexa skills available today and the market has already added around 1,500 alone in April, making it more than 6,800 skills since the beginning of the year.

Video Source : Amazon Echo

What all can Alexa do for you?

Alexa is now not working in homes but has also become a part of marketplace such as retail, automotive, pharmaceuticals and much more. Its performing tasks and also asking for rating her skills. However while reviewing ratings its found that many customers are bypassing the review process completely and those who choose to review, leave a little room for gray area between love and hate.

Researchers concluded that around 60% of skills have no ratings and roughly 17% of skills have only one review

Watch 50 Alexa Voice Commands

Video Source : PhoneBuff : Youtube

Is Alexa good or bad?

No wonder this amazingly popular gadget is receiving the love of many. But there are many for whom this is a thing of rule of Artificial Intelligence. And this is making people more slow in their lives. Alexa is a good source of information but also manages most of the daily work and thus makes us lazy.

Write in comments what's your opinion about Alexa.

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